Since last August

A few blogs ago, when I was making my birthday wish list, I said we will come back to relfect on my last year since my birthday.

Well last year in August, I was determined to lose all the baby weight by Dec 2011 but I haven’t. I still have 40lbs to go. So my goal is to lose it by this Dec 2012.

Last year for my birthday hubby and i went to vegas for 3 days and this year we plan on going to san diego for one night. Emma was only 3 months old when we left her with mom, so I was having panic attacks being away from her that long.

I’ve grown a lot since last year. I’ve transitioned into motherhood. It took me awhile.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back to work since my maternity leave.

I’ve enrolled in 2 classes for the fall.

I signed up at the gym and have being going 3 x a week.

I’ve rekindled some old friendships.

I’m in a better place, mentally, emotionally.

I’ve learned I can be tough when I need to be

I have experienced some biblical truths that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

I was having really bad self-image cuz of my weight gain, but I’ve learned to accept it at any size and work on toward my goal.

I’ve been getting a lot more sleep since Emma is older.

I’m enjoying play time with my baby more than anything.

i love family time.

We started going to church as a family once Emma turned 6 months – we enrolled her in our Church’s nursery.

My goals for my next birthday would be:

Have lost all the weight, and look/feel better than ever.

Finished/or close to finish my degree.

Go out-of-town with the entire family