best hair stylist in LA

Meet my sister Mary and follow her on Instagram @HAIRBYMARYLA and LIKE her Facebook page here HairByMaryLA to see all of our fantastic work! I’m not only saying this because she is my sister but because she is seriously one person that understands my hair and knows how to work it! 🙂



he is still my boyfriend

When we were dating, no matter how tired I was, I’d shower, get ready and look pretty for him and stand by the door with my heart beating so fast as I waited for him to come and pick me up.

The beauty of being married and marriage is that you have the best of two worlds. I am comfortable enough in our relationship to wake up with crazy hair, walk around wearing two different socks, with a chip clip in my hair and he will still love me because he is faithful.

Even though he is my husband and the father of my baby, he is still my boyfriend and I never want to take his love for granted.

I want to make the extra effort to look desirable and attractive to him. I want to do my hair and wear those heels and that little black dress for him.

i love my boyfriend ❤



a day without a nap

Today was one of those long days when you spend 2-4 hours trying to get your toddler to sleep but fail. My 19 month old woke up at 8 a.m. this morning and just went to bed without any afternoon naps. This is a big deal for a mom. Moms can only get stuff done when they’re baby is asleep. At least for me that’s how it goes. If I try to hang one jacket in my closet, before I walk away somehow a little fairy is in there with me but she is knocking off all the shoes from rack. I choose to do chores when she is napping and when she goes to bed. I also choose to play with her when she’s up. I do realize she is not going to stay a baby forever so I enjoy my time with her when she’s up. 🙂

I wanted to look nice tonight for our Armenian Christmas gathering. I also wanted to have carpet cleaning done at our place so I went to my moms while hubby came home for the carpet cleaning.

Showering without rushing is a luxury when you’re a mom and that’s what I did at my parents. I had my mom watch Emma until I showered and blow dried my hair but that was it. After that, Emma kept wanting me and since I failed putting her to sleep at their place she was super cranky and had to have her by me while I tried putting on makeup and getting dressed.

After I changed her, I headed back home to pick up hubby to head over to his parents’ house for dinner. On the way back Emma insisted to sit in the car seat with her princess chair in her lap. When you have a cranky baby, you really shouldn’t waste your breath trying to tell them no unless you don’t mind hearing them crying all the way home.

The carpet looks brand new and Emma did pretty good at the gathering except we had to leave shortly after dinner because she was calling her grandma, mama. Poor thing, she was so exhausted.

She is now at the comfort of our home and sleeping in heavenly peace and my hubby is also knocked out and it’s not even 10:00pm yet but I’m so excited I get to sleep right now too!

Say your prayers, cast your worries to God, He is up all Night anyway ❤




Fashionable Event

We had a fun weekend celebrating my cousins engagement and dancing the night away with my love! I was so lucky to have my sister do my hair and makeup. I’m wearing a dress my Xscape and jewlery by BAR III jewelry.  Hair and makeup by my sister. You can find her on facebook Hair By Mary



#13 Thankful for my little sister

#13- thankful for today because its my LITTLE SISTER’S BIRTHDAY!!! Happiest of Birthdays to the gorgeous, stunning, beautiful inside & out, the most talented Fashionista. Even though we’re like night and day, we still go together like pb&j.  I love her to pieces and so thankful for her!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!

Race & Beauty

Yesterday we covered race & beauty in my Race, Ethnicity & Culture Class.

The video below is a documentary of a model trying to make it big in Fashion Week. It’s shocking to me that even this day and age we struggle with racism.





There is a misrepresentation of what it means to be fit and healthy. Most girls are aiming for skinny.

What I want for myself is to be in MY best shape. Every one has a size that their comfortable and confident in. Go for that.

There will never be another woman who owns the look, the personality and experience that you do. Those ingredients make up the recipe that defines who you are, and it’s your gift from the Lord—own it. ~ Candace Cameron Bure



Early Birthday Gifts

I’ve been getting gifts and it’s not even my birthday yet! Love it how every year a week in advance my birthday extravaganza starts. A dear friend of mine surprised purchased tix for me to go see Angry Conversations with God by Susan Isaacs in September and when I got home from work yesterday, hubby couldn’t wait to give one of my gifts. He bought me Nike shoes. Pink on Black. So cute!

Now, I really need to lose the extra weight 🙂




It seems like every time I paint my nails, no matter how long I wait for them to dry, I still manage to get one nail smeared. This is also true when I go to the nail salon.

Yesterday when I stopped by Starbucks to grab some coffee, the girl at the register, complimented me on my neon orange nail polish. I thanked her and showed her the smeared nail.

“You know it’s kind of like how people are. No matter where you go, what you do and how well, there is always going to be that one person to smear it, and try to spoil everything for you.

She laughed as she nodded in agreement with me.

Just as I didn’t take off my nail polish because of that one smear, I shouldn’t quit something because one person doesn’t agree or like me and what I’m doing. It’s also not going to stop me from painting my nails  even knowing that I might smear it again.

The point is we shouldn’t be slaves to what people think or say because regardless, there is going to be at least one person to oppose us.

Make it Mad.


Birthday Wish List

My dear friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I couldn’t think of one thing other than the obvious (coffee) but she inspired me to make a wish list. I am turning 29 years old on August 26th and wow that makes me one year younger than big 30! I feel a lot more settled and comfortable in my own skin. I feel empowered and I like this age.

Oh yah, I was going to make a list and we’ll visit the aging blog later.

  1. Fashion jewelry:  chunky necklaces, earrings or cuffs that I can wear with anything
  2. Trendy nail polishes since I’ve been painting my own nails
  3. Starbucks gift card (I know that was a given)
  4. Pretty journal
  5. Ipad ( I need to show this list to my parents)
  6. I need clothes so gift cards to Forever 21 ( i dont care that i’m turning 29) Macys, Charlotte Russe..etc.
  7. OMG I just remembered Madonna’s perfume TRUTH OR DARE smells soooo good.
  8. big bags/purse by Aldo or Jessica Simpson
  9. MAC gift card
  10. Cute photo frames/albums

That’s it for now!