Lead Me, Holy Spirit

One of my favorite authors and teachers in faith is Stormie Omartian One of the women whom I admire and look up to. She has written many books on power of prayer that have sold million copies. Recently I purchased her latest¬†book called Lead Me, Holy Spirit. It was so refreshing, I read 120 pages in one setting and wouldnt ‘t have put it down if I didn’t have to.

It’s so important for us to know the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but aren’t mindful of how God is near and wants to be a part of our daily lives and guide us into the life He has for us. When we read the book of Acts in the Bible and are amazed at the work of the Holy Spirit that’s done through the disciples what we fail to realize is that we can do the same kind of work int he kingdom of God because we’re given the Holy¬† Spirit if we believe in Jesus.

Many people are fearful of the works of God or His Spirit because they have heard creepy church stories. I personally have not seen anything freaky or creepy about our church or the things who believe in God do. I’ve actually been able to see how the Holy Spirit has brought joy during difficult times and has given peace in place of fear and has transformed lives, including my own.

The most important thing is God doesn’t tranform us to some alien “spiritual” creepy mystical being, yet He makes us more like ourselves so we don’t walk aroud with masks on and pretending to be someone we’re not.

Here is what the book looks like if you’re interested and I wanted to share Stormie’s video about the book below.

Lead me, Holy spirit

Love and Blessings,