Little Brother

Seven years ago today, my mommy gave birth to my little brother. My birthday is on August 26th, so 5 days before my 22nd birthday, I got a little brother to love. Our lives changed. My mom was 43, and dad 47 years  old at the time, I was almost 22 and my sister was almost 20. The gap was obious. The pregnancy was a surprise. Mom thought her menstrual cycle had stopped becasue she was going through menopause. Prior to her taking the pregnancy test, a few days before, I had a dream that she had a son but I thought that would be impossible at this age and also the doctor’s had told her 7 years before all of this, that she probably would never be able to get pregnant again.

For my parents, my brother was like living a 2nd lifetime, all over again. My dad was the only one from his 3 siblings to have two girls, the rest had one girl and one boy. He was also proud of us but deep inside he probably wished he also had a son but he had given up on that dream because of their age. Well, God had other plans. Gregie’s surprise reminds me of the verse “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart,” and Nothing is impossible with God.

I must agree, it was a tough transition for all of us. It was exciting to see my mom going through pregnancy. I was only 1 and a few months when she was pregnant with my sister so I could never remember that, but now I had been given a chance to see it all and have a deeper appreciation and respect for my mom. She gave a natural, no epideral birth with three pushes.

When the 4 of us came home from the hospital it was like, Ok, now what?

Our lives changed. We had to be there for mom.

We had some hard times but 7 years later, today, Gregie has brought so much joy into our lives. My daddy is a proud papa of a son, not that he wasn’t before 😉 He treated us all like royalties.

A year ago, I gave birth to my daughter, and Gregie became a young uncle at the age of 6. Today, he insists that Emma calls him Uncle Greg and it’s the cutest thing to see them playing together.

Such are the miracles of God,

My baby girl Emma and my brother Gregie