When I grow up, I want to be just like Beyonce

Last night was more like there was a game at Beyoncé’s Concert. She killed it. She is really the picture of a flawless woman. It was honestly jaw dropping and one of the best performances I have seen.

But by the same token if I let myself, I can start feeling pressure to look like her asap and the comparing game kills us. She just had a baby and so did i but her baby is just turning one and mine is turning 2.

So instead of wishing I can be like her, I can enjoy her talents and work on become the best version of myself and not Beyoncé.

There is room for everyone.

And no matter how good you are they are still gonna find something wrong with you. In this case, now they are blaming for the light outage on her performance.


No Doubt

I am so happy with No Doubt’s New album Push and Shove. I love Gwen Stefani…she’s always been on my style watch list and love her cute adorable family. She is just so badass!

I can’t stop listening to the album. I hope to get to go to their concert this year!


The truth about butterflies and rainbow kisses

Was anyone listening to KIIS F.M. this morning?

A girl called stating her case of dating this amazing guy who has been so good to her yet she was having troubling liking him or as she said getting the butterflies and excited and not being able to stop thinking about the person.

Ryan’s advise was if she is calling for an answer it is because she already knows the answer but doesn’t want to hear it. He said an old wise man once told him “The answer that you don’t want to hear is the answer.”

I was still thinking and analyzing when another caller called to give her opinion and what she said was spot on.

We’re always looking for the crazy and the excitement and the butterflies when in the real world it doesn’t work out that way and that’s why relationships and marriages don’t last.

With having said that, here is what I think.

Chemistry is essential. You need to be attracted to the person. You can’t force it.  Character is way more important and it’s for the long and far ride. I’ve been with my husband for seven years and yes he still gives me the butterflies occasionally but for the most part it’s pretty normal and it’s committment and living life side by side day in and day out.

Media has us hooked on romance and all the hype of being in love. We’re always looking to “get” something but marriage works when we’re willing “to give” something to and for our spouses. Not to find the perfect person but to be the perfect person.

I can honestly say I’m in more love with my husband now than I was in the beginning when I had the most butterflies almost all the time. That is because I’ve come to know the person he is so much more and better seven years later than I did when I met him and it was all fun and games. We have created memories and lived experiences. I know him personally and intimately.  He is my constant friend, my companion and my lover.

You can’t be in love or love a person like crazy in like a month. That is more like lust.

Love grows and it is like wine. It gets better with  time spent together loving, giving, forgivig, doing. That’s romance.

Date with your mind and heart. Not just mind and not just heart.

Happily Married,




Bad Teacher

Our daughter did us a favor and napped almost 3 hours straight yesterday and because of her hubby and I got to watch our netflix pick Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

The first reason why I picked the movie is because Justin and Cameron dated for awhile at one time and I can’t believe Jessica Biel would agree for him to play in the same movie as his ex. I’m assuming this caused some waves in their relationship and hence the minor break up before they just recently got engaged.

According to hubby, he gave the movie 2 stars and a half. I thought it was pretty hysterical. I love Cameron’s killer bod! Which girl wouldn’t wanna look like that at 40+ years old.

I also thought Jason Segal’s role was pretty cute too. No matter what role he plays, he ALWAYS reminds me of my hubby.

Check out the review by Rotten Tomatoes. Click Below

Bad Teacher


MTV Video Music Awards 2012

I loved Demi Lovato’s pre show performance “Give Your Heart a Break”. She looked lovely. I admired the fact that she isn’t stick and bones like most of the celebs.

The host, Kevin Hart was hilarious. Love the guy.


I was disappointed with Rihanna’s opening act. I thought it was a bit sloppy.

My personal favorite was Pink’s performance especially since she is a new mommy like me. She looked amazing. She can always please the crowd.

I thought Amber Rose sporting a baby bump was much like Beyonce revealing of her bump last year at the VMAs.

I missed the performance by Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.” I’ll have to catch it tonight.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the show.


MTV Video Music Awards 2012


oh and for fashion recap- I loved Miley Cyrus’ look & Rita Ora’s jumpsuit!

Red carpet Live





Monica Lewinsky

After hearing Clinton’s speech last night, I couldn’t help but wonder where is Monica Lewinsky now? So I googled but didn’t find much on her. She has aggressively made the effort to shun for the public eye.

From different sources, here is what I found out in a nutshell:

She moved to Britain for a time to study at the London School of Economics, from where she graduated in December 2006 with a masters in social psychology. New York is where you can find Monica Lewinsky today. Now, at 38, Monica is managing to live a life not entirely defined by her history-making scandal. She still makes custom handbags under the aegis of her company “The Real Monica Inc.

Jessica Simpson’s Baby

Watching Jessica Simpson go through her pregnancy which seemed like almost four years, reminded me a lot of my pregnancy. Especially the fact that she gained as much as I did but she is shorter than me so it made me feel a little better about myself.;)

Her baby is so cute!! I know she is gonna make a great mom.


I love her as person and a designer. If you guys ever run out of ideas of what to get me – get me a Jessica Simpson bag! 🙂