Emma’s first x-ray & making up for all the tears


About a week ago, I wrote about my 20 month old toddler slipping on a book and hurting her ankle. With no signs of swelling or bruising, she continued walking with a little limp. I was getting really nervous and worried so we took her in to see her doctor yesterday. The doc couldn’t find anything unusual with her after doing torturous stretches and then we asked for her to be x-rayed just to be double sure.

I thought taking in your toddler for blood work was bad but the x-ray seemed worse. My hubby and I had to hold her down for a couple of minutes with her crying, screaming and kicking , we managed to get a shot of her bones. The doc showed us the x-ray and everything looked as it should.

Upon searching googling, I’ve resolved that it is either growing pains or she is just being cautious that she remembers the incident. I don’t know. I’m trusting God has it under control.

We took her out after the hospital visit to make up for all the torture and tears we caused her and she seemed happy enjoying the sun and life.

I love this girl.


say cheese

love being her mom,





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