Toddler Teething

This last week or so it’s been up and down with cold and teething symptoms with Emma. She had a fever the other day that went away in one night, drooling and lack of appetite and I noticed there was a little bit of infection inside her mouth on the wall of her cheek. We had taken her to urgent care about a month ago because it had gotten really painful and she couldn’t eat anything so the doctor gave her mouth pain relief and said it might be from a cold and that it’s common among toddlers.

She seems like she has her full set of teeth to me except for the very back ones, the molars.

Last night she was up and playing pretty late and then when we put her to bed, an hour later she was feeling uncomfortable and woke up crying. When my husband went to pick her up she threw up all over him and was back to being fine right after and went back to sleep.

I finally decided to google teething symptoms this morning and to my relief, I found the link below which lists all the things Emma is having, concluding that she is teething her molars.

Toddler Teething: What to Expect


This too shall pass,





One thought on “Toddler Teething

  1. Aww, poor thing! I hope they all come in quickly from this point on and that she isn’t too uncomfortable. ❤ My daughter actually ran 103 temp when she was getting hers and I remember her pediatrician (at the time) saying it couldn't be because of teeth. Uhh…yeah, it can be!

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