Please excuse my mess, I’m making memories

I used to drink 3 cups of Armenian coffee a day. Now it’s only one if I get the chance to sit down and drink it hot. Sometimes I get to make it but I don’t get to drink it because there is a little person running around demanding my attention or chocolate. I like my Armenian coffee with chocolate so if she even smells the coffee she is already asking for chocolate. You don’t want to mess with a toddler on sugar high.

Lately, I thought I had it figured out if I make my coffee during her bath time, I can watch her play in the tub while I sit on the toilet and drink my coffee. It worked for a little while until she learned how to splash really hard and throw water at me and pour it all out of the tub. Because that’s exactly what happened last night and never got to drink my hot coffee.

But look at this face…as a mother you will joyfully sacrifice anything and everything for the love of your heart outside of your body…your baby ❤

My sister took this pic on NYE when she wanted to get in her cousin’s baby bath tub and because she is so much bigger she poured all the water out as she sat in it.

Please excuse my mess, I’m making memories,




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