Don’t ever question a mother’s instinct

My hubby and I had just finished working out yesterday when I went to the Gym Day care to pick up Emma. We had gotten here earlier than usual and there were a lot more kids than normal. Emma is active and social but yesterday I spotted her next to the teacher sitting quietly with her blanket. I knew something wasn’t right before I even walked in. When I picked her up she felts so hot, I touched her forehead and my hand had slipped under her shirt touching her back and it felt so warm, I knew she had a fever. My husband kept justifying that the room was hot and she hadn’t taken off her jacket and that was why she was feeling hot. I didn’t really believe him and told him to not question a mother’s instinct. I think he was trying to keep me calm though LOL 🙂

I measured her temperature as soon as we got home and sure enough the red light lit up and it was at 99.5 with a 😦 The worst part is not knowing what the cause is. She doesn’t have a cold and she has all her teeth so it can’t be that she’s teething either. But she was drooling like crazy. After I fed her and got her to take some Fever Reliever in a milk bottle, my mom called and I told her about the drooling. She said it could be that she has a sore throat and instead of swallowing her saliva, she is spitting it out because it would hurt if she swallowed. I don’t know she seemed to be able to eat her food so her opinion didn’t really settle well either.

I gave Emma a bath and measured her temp again and after an hour it had gone down to 98.7. I played with her until it was time for her bedtime.

This morning I woke up and hoped she’d wake up before I left for work so I could take her temperature again. She did and it was 97.7.

I’m praying and hoping her fever is gone for good.

Confessions of a toddler mom,



2 thoughts on “Don’t ever question a mother’s instinct

  1. Awesome blog ! I’m so glad I found u ,. I’m a new momy and Before my baby .. I loved getting dolled up .. Makeup, hair, nails, hanging out with myy girls , date night with hubby .. However after having a child everysingle thing changed .. It was a huge change for me and a huge adjustment .. But at the end it’s all worth it and it’s so comforting hearin your stories ..
    You are very inspirational ! Keep doin what your doing !

    • Hi Lia…thank you so much for the kind words. I hope you know with your comment you inspired and encouraged me. 🙂 When I first had my daughter almost 2 years ago, i Had troulbe transitioning because I felt like i couldn’t do any of the fun stuff i used to do so I pressured myself to keep up with my social life and even weight loss but you know what I realized a year later….TAKE IT EASY, ONE DAY AT A TIME. give yourself enough time to be ready to do all of that. It’s ok to not feel like doing anything when you just had a baby…things will eventually fall into it’s place and you will find that time with your hubby and girlfriends.

      Welcome to motherhood…you’re not alone in this journey 🙂

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