New thing

With this new year I’ve been seeing the scripture below pop up a lot and I can’t get over how good it is. It gets me excited.

No matter how many timess I’ve read the bible, there is freshness and life in every Word each time that I read. This verse speaks to me so much.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See that I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up! (Isaiah 43:18-19)

We are so easily stuck in the past whether failures or accomplishments that we can’t see the future clearly. God wants us to forget the formers thing. The good and the bad. He wants us to stop dwelling on the past so we can enjoyt he present and see our future.

He promises that when we stop doing that we will see that He is doing a New thing!

It’s a New Day!




One thought on “New thing

  1. VERY well put! Great expansion on a great reference! I was JUST talking about the concept the other day of “History repeats because we replay the past over and over in our minds — and if you want to change, we need to replay the future over and over instead!” You’ve just made that sentiment even more important by backing it up with the wisdom in scripture! Thanks again for the great post & insight friend!!

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