Bedtime stories with my lover

When we got married we vowed that we would continue dating each other and have date nights on a weekly basis. That worked so great for us…at the time. Then came our daughter and we have continued with our date nights weekly and sometimes biweekly depending on how busy we were that week or I should see how much energy we had left.  Lately we still go out just the two of us but now our date nights are mostly made  of staying home instead of going out and it’s been surprisingly really fun.

I’m slowing stripping off all rules because I’ve come to realize anything done out of obligation or for the sake of sucks the life out of it. Parenhood is challenging and when you’ve worked 8 hours a day and come home to take care of chores, cook, take out the trash, you kind of don’t feel like getting dressed up again to go out. yesterday, I slipped in my pjs by 5pm.

We’ve been able to put Emma to bed by 8pm most nights and we stay up until 10 or 11pm catching up, telling work stories, eating, watching movies, laughing, and being silly together or some nights we stay up and clean together.  My favorite part of the day is the last 30 minutes spent whispering and giggling telling funny stories and poking fun at each other in bed.

My husband is my constant friend and companion.

It is when we are doing things together that friendship springs up –
painting, sailing ships, praying, philosophizing,
and fighting shoulder to shoulder.
Friends look in the same direction.
– C.S. Lewis




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