30 Days of Thanksgiving

I noticed some of my friends have been posting daily thanksgiving until November 30 and because I liked it so much, I decided to do the same. But I had some catching up to do.

Here is my up to date, 7 things I’m thankful for and I’ll try to post daily #30daysofthanksgiving.

1. Hubby- my best friend, and my love. I’m so lucky.

2. Precious darling Emma. She is so perfect. She has changed our lives to the better and made everything so beautiful and wonderful. Our pride and joy.

3. family- our parents and siblings and extended family as well. The gatherings and all the memories we create!

4. good friends- who celebrate our ups and pick us up when we’re down

5. our church-  where we can go as ourselves and feel at home, where everyone looks the same during worship and fellowshiping with people who truly care.

6. Living in Downtown Burbank- walking distance from EVERYTHING, our community our neighbors who we’re actually friends with 🙂

7. Being an American-having the privilege of voting for our leaders

What are you most thankful for and why?

I found this 30 day challenge to help you be thankful for these things

30 day challenge



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