Trying vs. Training

How many times have I started trying something and then I’ve stopped  because it was too hard or I didn’t “feel” like it anyomre or something came up!

Trying to be skinny but stopping the second it’s someones birthday and I want that piece of chocolate cake. News flash, every day is someones birthday and these hips can’t afford anoter slice.

Trying to not eat that bag of chips

Trying to squeeze in time to work out

Trying to be like so and so because they look like they can do everything and still look so beautiful put together.

Trying to be like Jesus, trying to love my neighbor as myself. Sometimes I don’t even like myself, so not sure how I would be able to love my neighbor on those days.

I’m sick and tired of trying and this week I quit.

Instead, I want to start training.

Setting a goal and training for it.

Sticking with it day after day even if one day I fall down, get up, and do it again the next day.

Anyone who is good in something, didn’t get there by trying. They trained for it like there was no tomorrow and like their life depended on it. They did walk around with an excuse bag, they made a way.

Any parents knows that it’s not the same as trying to be patient with your toddler and not yelling at them is not the same as training for patience.

Training requires discipline.

Discipline requires habitually doing something over and over again even in midst of temptation and opposition  until it becomes automatic and a part of my being so that all trying is dead and growth has happened.

We sholdn’t wait for the perfect condition in order for us to even try whatever it is we want to accopmplish, becasue that day will never come. Start today, here, now and contiue diligently day after day.

Is there something you’ve been trying to do but haven’t succeeded?

What is it?

What has stopped you from accomplishing your goal?

Is it time to stop trying and start training?

Lets get to it!



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