hush my baby, dont you cry..

Our daughter is a year and a half old now and she has become an unstoppable chatterbox with bursts of energy. We love her to pieces. As cute as she is, she has been giving us a hard time during bedtime. Since the time she turned one month old we let her sleep in her crib in her room and has been that way until now. She has become clingy and prefers sleeping in my arms and then I need to tip toe my way in her room and pray to God she doesn’t wake up as I lay her down to sleep. I realize she is building healthy attachement and now knows who she can trust. But at the same time she knows how to manipulate to get her way.

This has become the new pattern and I realize my hubby was right it needs to stop. The falling asleep process is taking longer and it’s exhausting. The aftermath of this is none of us gets a good night of rest, we’re late to work and drained throughout the day.

As a mom, when I hear her even whimper, I run to her rescue. Maybe I should re-read Babywise and remind myself that it’s ok for her to cry even if she cries for 10 minutes she won’t lose brain cells. It’s  bedtime and she doesn’t want to sleep. It’s not like she needs anything and I’d be neglecting her if I let her soothe herself and fall asleep.

We never had trouble with this. We would put her in her crib and she’d know it’s bedtime.

You would think I”d know better considering the fact Child Development is my MAJOR but no book knowledge can equip for the actual experience. boo! Just like reading a map isn’t the same as exploring to those places. yep.

I’m assuming it’s because of the change in her schedule. I’ve been taking her to mom’s at different times in the mornings and her nap time isn’t consistent as it used to be with her nanny. Her nanny is currently on a vacation for the rest of the month. I’m hoping she doesn’t decide to extend her vacation! We need her and miss her!

So the fact that I’ve been taking her out of her routine, at the end of the day, I feel guilty if I don’t comfort her when she cries.  In reality, I’m letting her manipulate and control me and NEEDS to stop.

When you’re married, your husband and marriage must remain priority. This is for the best interest of the children as well. The father and mother are responsible in meeting all of the child’s needs and raising him/her in a way that they will be able to leave them and be & do well on their own.  Teach the bird how to fly. By attending to my baby 24/7, leaves me no time or energy for my husband. If a wife/husband doesn’t make time for each other, it won’t ever happen on it’s own. You must be intentional. Like a NINJA.

The worst thing a parent can do is everything for their child. This will handicap them.

Today, I’ll have to reinforce, putting her to bed and leaving her there. It is said that it takes three days for a baby to learn a new habit/break old one.

Please pray for strength and consistency.

I’d love to hear from other mamas about my situation.

thank you xoxo



5 thoughts on “hush my baby, dont you cry..

  1. Hi, Elle. 🙂 My son is 13 months old and has been needing me a lot more in the middle of the night lately. I definitely think it’s an attachment thing and like you said-he knows me and trusts me! Well, for naps and bedtime, I sit in a chair next to his crib and keep my hand on him (usually on his waist or back) as comfort and I sometimes pat him. I think letting them cry sends the wrong message (that you are not there for them), but I’ve found that by being in the room without letting him get out of his bed, he stays calm. If I get him to bed when he needs to be, he takes about 15 moni to fall asleep. I did this with my older children too and they are excellent sleepers today. Take care.

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