what a bitch!

“I believe confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do — and not worrying over what you can’t do. A confident person is open to learning, because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through life’s doorways, eager to discover what waits on the other side. She knows that every new unknown is a chance to learn more about herself and unleash her abilities.”     ―     Joyce Meyer,           The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations    

I think I’ve lost my cool only about twice in life and only 3 people have been a witness at different times. 1. God 2. Mom and 3. Hubby. DON’T TEST ME. My sister calls me “dinj” in Armenian and I guess in English it would be mellow? Some take it that I’m passive and do not like confrontation. But I just don’t like strife. I’m naturally a peacemaker and will fight to maintain it.

There have been many opportunities for me to lash out and act like a total bitch. But that’s a bit out of my character and also I can feel God nudging me “You’re better than that.”. From some Facebook updates and posts, many girls are bragging about being a bitch as if it’s a good thing or it’s defined as a girl who knows what they want and won’t take no for an answer. I can’t believe they even have a book out called “Why men marry Bitches.” I schemed through the book and whoever wrote it, I doubt is married.  I asked my hubby if he would have married me if I were a total bitch and he said NO. Why would a men marry a bitch? The bible even says it’s better for a man to live on the roof of a house than in a house with a nagging bitchy wife. I’ve also come across some girls belittling other girls who act like a lady.

Where are we getting these ideas?

I think we’re mixing confidence with bitchiness.

Personally, I have not met a happy bitch. They’re all pretty loud and mean and miserable. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t want to be one nor do I want to instill in my daughter to become one.

Also girls who tend to lash out and “speak their minds” or give them a piece of their mind regret what they said later and are not living in peace. Again, I’m not promoting passive, submissive nor are we supposed to be taken advantage of…etc. But we’re not getting it right!

Now I know most of the “bitchy” girls are also coming in the form of feminists. I’m not against feminism at all. I’m grateful for the women who stood up and claimed equal rights for us. But we’re causing confusion by acting in a way we’re not really naturally wired to. We’re demanding, stomping our feet to get attention when in reality, we have the floor.

I want to encourage all girls to really do an inventory and see if your “bitchiness” is doing you or anyone any good?

The key here is refusing to be passive and making a conscious decision to do what’s right. Being passive means you wait for an outside force to move you or to feel like doing something. Use your will to choose what’s right. And pray for God’s grace to give you the ability to do it. – Joyce Meyer

You don’t have to be a bitch to achieve. Just be confindent in your abilities & don’t worry about what you can’t do.


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