fearfully & wonderfully made

Child & adolescent Development go hand in hand with Psychology in which I’m majoring in. We study how our self-worth is based on what we believe the most important people in our lives think of us. Our parents, spouse, friends and mentors.

The problem with this is all those people WILL disappoint us at one time or another. They might say or do something that will crush us and make us want to isolate or build a wall, shutting that person out and cutting our ties with them to protect ourself from getting hurt again. This is the main core root of dysfunction in relationships.

We shouldn’t deny the fact the our closest people will hurt us nor should we live in abuse. Rather we should put our hope in God and believe what He says about us to be true. His word is forever amen and yes, never-changing and ever true!

The key to understanding our value and being able to do healthy relationship with others and seeing how God sees us. We are all created int he image of God and the Bible says when God looked at his creation he said it was good.

In the book of Psalm we read that God fearfully and wonderfully made us, woven us together in our mother’s womb. There is no one like you. You’re custom-made, unique and only you can do things just the way you can and no on else can do it exactly like you.

When we make mistakes, others might hold it against us but the Bible says God is just and He will forgive us and He doesn’t want us to hold on to the things of the past, but rather to let go and press on.

You’re amazing.

You’re beautiful.

You have gifts that others don’t have and you have them to bless others around you.

Ephesians 2:10 says we are God’s masterpiece.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

You’re were created by God for purpose to be here on earth at a time such as this.

Never underestimate your impact or your worth.

Because YOU’RE worth it.






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