engaged marriage

I really like my husband. I think he is really cool, very fun and super hot. My view of him hasn’t changed much since we started dating seven years ago. It has actually gotten better. I like him more. He has become a better man.

I noticed that lately I was downgrading our marriage to relate with the mass culture of the married couples who have issues. Honestly, we’re not perfect but we don’t have issues. We annoy each other time to time for sure but even laugh about that.

I live to break marital stereotypes.

One of the main reasons why good marriages go wrong is because couples stop doing that they did while dating. One of them gets too comfortable and the other too familiar.

Just like we can’t keep a beautiful garden unless we water, cut the weeds, protect & nourish day in and day out.

I heard a celebrity say “if you really love someone, you shouldn’t have to work so hard for it.” How foolish. It’s the opposite.

Good things don’t just happen if you don’t make them happen.





4 thoughts on “engaged marriage

  1. I don’t think we lowered our standards to compare or relate to others. Give me an example please…signed YOUR AWESOME HUSBAND

  2. LOL babe you’re so funny. OK- To say we argue— just so we can relate to a couple who argues is downgrading because we don’t really argue…we disagree. Another one would be listening to a couple sharing how they yell at each other…and we say “Ya so do we.” that’s also not true. things like that. Other than that sharing our “problems” with trusting people is okay with me. 🙂 I love the fact you commented on this post. haha! I’ll see you later and we can have a fun chit chat about it if you like 😉

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