Bad Teacher

Our daughter did us a favor and napped almost 3 hours straight yesterday and because of her hubby and I got to watch our netflix pick Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

The first reason why I picked the movie is because Justin and Cameron dated for awhile at one time and I can’t believe Jessica Biel would agree for him to play in the same movie as his ex. I’m assuming this caused some waves in their relationship and hence the minor break up before they just recently got engaged.

According to hubby, he gave the movie 2 stars and a half. I thought it was pretty hysterical. I love Cameron’s killer bod! Which girl wouldn’t wanna look like that at 40+ years old.

I also thought Jason Segal’s role was pretty cute too. No matter what role he plays, he ALWAYS reminds me of my hubby.

Check out the review by Rotten Tomatoes. Click Below

Bad Teacher



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