But don’t you trust me..

This morning I got a chance to listen to Ryan Seacret’s “Ryan’s Roses”

A wife was calling in because she was getting the vibe that her husband and a good friend might have done something together the night she went to bed early while they stayed up drinking and talking. The wife had agreed for her friend to move in temporarily until she found a place and that night the three of them were up drinking until she went to bed.

Patti called the husband to send the free roses and sure enough her husband makes the roses out to her friend Veronica. When confronted, he admits and says he is very sorry and justifies by the fact that they ‘ONLY” kissed.

I’m not a marriage counselor but I’ve read enough on it to have some relationship codes that you cannot break other than TRUST of course.

As a married couple, it is not wise to have a female friend live in temporarily.

It is also not the best idea to leave them alone together in a room drunk.

The best way to avoid these incidents is to avoid the opportunity all together. Why would you set a trap for yourself?

These kinda things could and do happen if we’re not careful.

Cheaters don’t usually plan to cheat. It happens gradually and it is usually the result of an emotional connection.

Studies show that more affairs happen at work than anywhere else because two people working so closely together day in and day out can establish a bond together, especially if they take lunch breaks together & eventually could lead to other things.

It’s unfortunate that girls who are protective of their relationship are referred to as a “jealous bitch.”  Yes, I know a girl can go a little too far with that but how else would you protect your relationship if you don’t set boundaries and draw the line somewhere?

Girls, don’t be manipulated by a guy who says “But don’t you trust me.” That’s bullshit.

Couples should be encouraged to keep each other accountable and openly talk about everything that includes concerns, insecurities and fears &

I’m also a strong believer in keeping your marriage in tact by seeing a therapist once a year just for a relationship checkup as you do with a physical.it’s worth the investement.

My hubby and I have gone to pre-martial counseling, then a follow up marital counseling, went once more when I got pregnant and just a few months ago we had two day marriage retreat at our church.

Those kinda things keep us in check and help us to refocus. We are in it to love each other, to put each other before ourselves for better and for worse.

You can’t just shower once and stay clean. The grass in not greener on the other side, it’s green where they water it.

To listen to today’s Ryan’s Roses go here



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