Weekend fun

We have good days and we have not so good days but even then, there is always some good in any day! This weekend was good in every way. 🙂


A wonderful woman whom I accidentally met at CVS, 3 years ago took me out to a late birthday lunch on Saturday afternoon. We caught up for three hours. I had seen her a couple of months before that when she came over for my daughter’s one year birthday!

Saturday night, we chilled at home and then walked to Yogurt land with the fam and on our way back, stopped at my cousin’s place to see her munchkin who just turned 2 months. Emma was having so much fun playing with her.

Sunday, we had a Water Baptism service at church. So touching.

One of the take away lessons from the sermon was

When you decide to follow Jesus, the storms in life don’t go away but He won’t let you walk alone and He will walk with you and get you through.

Afterwards, took Emma to her first birthday invite at Kids playhouse. That was a crazy 2 hours but ton of fun.

We got home to daddy, ate pizza, and watched football until later in the evening when Emma fell asleep, I got to out to sushi with my lovely sister.

oh and then I got to edit one of my all time favorite photos of me and my hubby!!! This was taken 2 years ago, at my cousin’s wedding.


That’s what I call a perfect weekend 🙂




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