MTV Video Music Awards 2012

I loved Demi Lovato’s pre show performance “Give Your Heart a Break”. She looked lovely. I admired the fact that she isn’t stick and bones like most of the celebs.

The host, Kevin Hart was hilarious. Love the guy.


I was disappointed with Rihanna’s opening act. I thought it was a bit sloppy.

My personal favorite was Pink’s performance especially since she is a new mommy like me. She looked amazing. She can always please the crowd.

I thought Amber Rose sporting a baby bump was much like Beyonce revealing of her bump last year at the VMAs.

I missed the performance by Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.” I’ll have to catch it tonight.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed by the show.


MTV Video Music Awards 2012


oh and for fashion recap- I loved Miley Cyrus’ look & Rita Ora’s jumpsuit!

Red carpet Live






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