College Books

Note to self: Never order them online. Spend the extra money and go straight to the campus bookstore.


Because, I’m just finishing week two back into school and I still haven’t received one of my books which I need for the quiz that’s due this Monday!

I went to check the status, the book is still in Chicago on its way to Cali.


On a brighter note, I’m really enjoying my Anthropology class. It goes hand in hand with my second class which is Study of Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Development.

I’m so happy, I got the Anthro class online.
I love online classes.

I do really well independently.



3 thoughts on “College Books

  1. Yeah, this happened twice to me this semester. I had to pay for one-night shipping which was the amount as the book on college campus. it sucks.

  2. I’ve purchased all of my books through Amazon Prime with guaranteed two-day delivery. It’s free for the first 6 months if you register with a student email address (at least it was) and even after that the fee is totally worth it.

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