Adventure Day

I’m slowly starting to understand God’s love and grace. Not with mere head knowledge but I’m getting it in my heart in my spirit. Saturday night we visited my second cousins and I couldn’t believe how happy she seemed and free. No rules, laws to follow just the freedom in Christ.

We talked about our culture and how not only as an Armenian we have many traditions forced down our throat, some with no meaning and some out of obligation, and talked about our churches and the motions of Christianity. Jesus has gone missing in our lives because we are too busy trying to keep traditions, and please everyone.

It isn’t until we get the concept of grace and the amazing love of God, that then we are truly free and are able to enjoy life just as God intended for us. Free of guilt and condemnation.

I remember growing up, i was raised in a way that if you weren’t working, you were wasting time. Fun was not an option nor was it encouraged. My husband comes from a different background. He was encouraged to have fun, play, hang out with friends and do things he enjoyed.

I am purposely trying to let my “work” down a little, to make room for fun.

I am purposely trying to get off my performance treadmill and just be.

We went to bed late Saturday night, and woke up late Sunday morning around 11:30am. We missed church but we had the best family day. My hubby played a song or two on his guitar, my sister came by for a short visit, we took Emma out to Topanga Canyon for play time, had amazing sushi lunch, stopped at my parents, hung out and swam in the pool with sister and her bf, lounged around doing nothing and finally got home around 10:00pm.

Hubby and I didn’t want the day to end. It was that kinda of day.

A lot of time we are presented a list to follow, things to do but once in a while, it’s good to do nothing except just to have fun.







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