Your Secret Admirer

I remember in high, during Valentine, there would always be a girl getting roses with a card signed by  “Your Secret Admirer” or a guy getting the card only. Oh man, first off, I kinda wish I was the one getting the roses (which I never did) and secondly, can you imagine the butterflies, the excitement and the joy felt by the recipient?  The final thought and feeling would be the wonder of who could it be from.

The best part about marriage is when you admire one another, it doesn’t have to be a secret and when done openly and often, we feel the same emotions as that girl felt getting the roses with the addition of us knowing who our Admirer is. 🙂

Often times we might think it but we won’t say it because we are comfortable knowing that the other person knows but regardless it is so refreshing to hear it every now and then. Personally, the fact that my husband still shows his admiration for me even knowing all about me, is HUGE and even bigger than someone else who might admire me because that someone else, I’m pretty sure has only seen the best side of me.

I encourage you to whenever you think of something nice about your hubby, say it to him. He needs to hear it. Don’t just nag about all the things he hasn’t done or met but choose to find the things he has take care of as small as taking out the trash, remembering to do a chore that you had planned to do yourself but he went out of his way to get that out of the way for you, etc. Honestly, those little things are the most romantic to me.

Keeping Alive Romance and Security…

The most important person from whom a husband wants admiration is his wife. Some women think that because their husbands are admired by others in their professions, they don’t need it from their wives. That’s a serious mistake.

– From “It Takes Two to Tango” by Gary and Norma Smalley


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