Run to Finish the Race

I did it. I enrolled in two classes for the Fall 2012. I’m going back to college next month after taking two years off during pregnancy and the first year of being a mom. I’ve had an unstable on and off relationship with college. I’ve been working on my Bachelor’s Degree since June 2001. It’s been over 11 years.  A few blogs ago, I wrote of the events that took place in my life that has prolonged the process.

  • I changed my major from Business Management to Child Development after two years of  college because I couldn’t stand accounting class
  • Got my Associate Degree from Community college in Child Development (like that counts for anything but still!)
  • My mom gave birth to my baby brother almost 7 years ago. He will be 7 next month!
  • Family crisis- don’t need to get into that
  • I got engaged
  • Got married
  • Both parents went through cancer scares within a year apart
  • I got pregnant
  • I had a baby

Currently,  I’m happily married to the most amazing man on earth and have the most wonderful baby but I need to go back and finish college once and for all.
To be honest with you, I didn’t want to go back but a part of me keeps leaking if I don’t go back and finish this degree. Even if I don’t pursue a career in it, I need to do this for myself.
I do realize others have gone through similar situations, if not worse,  but have managed to keep their school life on check but not everyone can do everything just the same way as everyone else. For some of us it takes longer than others.

Please pray for me, for courage, strength and perseverance through this journey because in the end, I want to give all glory to God because even the decision to go back was inspired by Him.

I can do everything I need to do through Christ who strengthens me.


That’s the verse that keeps playing in my head over and over again.


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