Your Style

My sister could wear full blown makeup, colorful clothes, bright neon colors, spiderman lashes, ,mix patterns together and look fantastic. I, on the other hand, looking at her and admiring her style try it out once in awhile and end up looking like a clown. I decided to wear red lipstick to work this morning and by the time I had finished my coffee, it was smeared all over my face and looked like I had a make out session with hubby at my desk. So bad. This is what happens every time I try something outside of my own style.

I just think it’s funny and cute how girls are. We see one style, hair color, outfit on another girl that we admire and we think if we did the same we’d look just like that and we’d feel great about ourselves. Not true most of the time.   Be who you are and dress according to YOUR style that brings out the best in you.

Think of all the celebrities. If you could describe your style preference with one of them, which one would it be?

I’m more of Jessica Biel girl.


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