Dear Heart

Should I follow my heart or Follow Jesus?

These past few days I’ve been pondering on the love of God,  His heart, how big it is. His everlasting Word, His Truth, and His promises that are yes and amen. His mercies and loving kindness that are new every morning.

I’ve been thinking about his love story to us and how the whole theme of it is LOVE and Forgiveness.

All of which does not come easy and it takes a lot of self to the cross. More and more, I’m understanding “Pick up your cross, and FOLLOW ME.” That to me does not sound exciting but I know his direction was for our benefit. He always has our best interest in mind.

Just this past month, there were situations where I failed to pick up my cross and rather let my emotions control me and honestly I have come to realize how sometimes it’s best to keep our emotions to ourselves but love, happiness and excitement should not be one of them. Although, majority of people choose otherwise. Most of us are excellent at letting the people around us know when we’re pissed, annoyed and wronged.

I believe the way we naturally react to people hurting us is to plot how to get back at them, speak badly of them or withhold blessings from them here on. We think to ourselves “I’ll show them!” or we might just isolate ourselves from them.

This reminds me of the saying “Unforgivness is like drinking poison and hoping the enemy dies.”

I don’t know about you but as soon as someone hurts me in any way, it cuts my flow of kindness, love and care.

I’m so thankful for the nudging of the Holy Spirit because if it wasn’t for Him that unforgivness would stay in my heart and become bitterness.

I wish there was a three-step program on how to forgive and be free of pain but there isn’t. As long as we’re alive,  people are going to hurt us and chances are, we’re going to hurt some of them. And if it’s us who hurt, are we humble enough to ask for forgiveness?

The choice is ours.

Are we going to withdraw and become cold as we built walls and isolate ourselves from them.

or are we going to remember the times God has forgiven us and the love and mercy He has shown us.

Do we think we’re better than them?

It makes me think of the times I’ve hurt God, how many times I’ve used the name Jesus wrongfully, how maybe that might have hurt him but he never changed His love for me. He never left me or forsake me. He never isolated himself from me He always said, “Call me and I’ll be there, Look for me and You will find me. ”

You know sometimes we think forgiving a person means that we’re telling them they were right but it actually means letting go of the hurt they have caused us and not harboring hatred toward them because of the wrong they’ve done.  It’s letting God deal with them.

I know this journey is narrow and painful but I want to live out the heart of God. I want to do the very thing Jesus would do. Because whatever he spoke and did it was out of Love for God and Love for the people and in the end he laid it all down for me and you. That’s the kinda love story I want to live.

Sanctus Real Has the Perfect song “Dear Heart” lyrics

Dear heart,
Do you belong to me
Or do I belong to you
Just look at all the trouble
You dragged me into
I’ve heard it said
To follow your heart
But I’m starting to wonder
If it’s gone too far

Oh heart, you let me down
Chasing love, when it can’t be found
Heart, we’ve fallen out
All of your emotions have led me to doubt
Tell me who’s gonna save us now?

Dear heart
You’re in the wrong place
Looking out for yourself
No matter what I say
And I know
That you’re holding me back
And it’s time for a change
So I’m giving you away

Oh heart, you let me down
Chasing love, when it can’t be found
And heart, we’ve fallen out
Cuz all of your emotions have led me to doubt
Tell me who’s gonna save us now?




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