Staying home is the new Going out

You know you’re married with a baby when your parents encourage you to go out so that they can spend time with their g-baby. To contrary belief, all we wanna do is stay home and do nothing. Sounds pretty boring, but to us, it’s luxury when we do.

However, when we do go out, we have the times of our lives just as much as we do staying home.

Tonight, hubby and I watched Ralphie May’s stand up “To Big to Ignore.”  on Netflix. It’s hilarious and yet very meaningful. He covers all controversial topics. We had a good laugh. Cannot believe the show is 1hr and 40 min and it’s all him with no breaks. One of our favorite stories was Dora the Explorer, since that’s Emma’s favorite currently.

Speaking of Emma, she has been so hyper today. Since she took a late afternoon nap, she was up past her bedtime. She is getting bigger, and heavier. Carrying her around is getting harder.

I was wondering how pregnant moms manage it with a toddler. Also, I noticed how drained I can get by the end of the day and wondering how women who have babies at 35 years and older, how their energy level is and how do they keep up with their kids?

Joys of motherhood,



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