The Secret of a Happy Marriage

We all know there is no such thing as a perfect marriage but only two imperfect people loving each other perfectly regardless of shortcomings and circumstances.

I have also come to learn that there is not one BIG secret or mystery of a happy marriage but only little things we do for each other that makes a big difference.

For example, my car was having some issues and before I could ask my husband, he volunteered to take it to the shop to get it fixed for me and came back with a full tank of gas.

Then on Sunday, he tidy up the house because the day before I had taken care of the laundry and he wanted me to have my rest.

What a sweetheart ❤

All of this means all that more when he does it without me pressuring him, nagging, and complaining.

So husbands when you get home from work, see what needs to be done, what you can do to help her. Remember, the sooner you get your responsibilities done the more fun you’ll have together. 🙂

Wives- When your hubby does do the little things, no matter how little the task, be sure to take notice and thank him for it.

What do you do when this isn’t the case for you?

1. Pray for him/her

2. Pick a time that you can talk to him/her to let them know about your needs and wants

3. Ask for help.

4. Give thanks and show appreciation

5. Repeat

There were times I’d get upset at him for not doing the obvious but just because it is obvious to us, it might not be for them.

So don’t assume.

Someone once told me when you ASSUME, you make an ASS out of U and Me 🙂

Also, when he does help, don’t insist on him doing things YOUR way.

This is one area, I had to work on and still do.

The fact that he is helping you, should be enough.

Remember, it’s not about ME it’s about WE.

Love does,



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