Beauty for Ashes

No matter how perfect a person may seem from the outside, we don’t know the matters of their hearts. Only the Lord does. Sometimes we don’t even know the matters of our own heart. Everything may be going well and yet we could feel wrong and uneasy from unresolved issues from the past or sometimes it is because we have taken on more than we can handle.That’s why it is so important to have a close relationship with God because He is the one that gives us all the wisdom we need if we ask Him.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Sadly, human nature is to talk about our weaknesses and the faults of others rather than our strengths and the good of others.

We judge to quickly, instead of being more compassionate.

We criticize more than we encourage each other.

We isolate ourselves from friends who have hurt us and expect good relationships.

We constantly complain instead of doing something about it.

More than ever, we need to accept responsibility and not blame things on God. A lot of times our lives turn out the way they do because of our poor choices. God won’t do for us what we can and should do for ourselves and we can’t do for ourselves what only God can do for us. It’s a partnership. The awesome thing about it is you could never screw up so bad that God can’t help you with it. God is God. He is able!!! No matter where we come from, what has happened to us, it does not need to continue. If we pray, God is faithful to intervene and help us in all the areas of our lives. If we give him our ashes, he promises to turn them into beauty.

Partner with God.





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