The LifeBlood of Love

Healthy communication is the lifeblood of love. A relationship will only be as good as its communication. – It takes Two to Tango

I’m all about communication. In person, text, email, fb, you name it! I love interacting. The sad part of this is that sometimes its a one way street for me especially in some friendships.

Some people don’t like to communicate through technology and they prefer in person interaction, the face to face. My favorite! Others are better at tech  communication verses in person and perhaps it’s because they can express themselves better in writing. I don’t mind doing both or all.

But how do you keep a relationship or a friendship a live if you don’t see them as often as you would like?

In our marriage, we are in touch throughout the day. We know what each person is up to hourly. We text, email, call each other on our lunch breaks, talk about our days during dinner and really there is a flow of communication throughout the day. Maybe that’s a little too much for some of you, but to us that’s the norm. We’ve been this way since the very beginning. The first time, Osh picked me up and then dropped me off, when he got home he text me “I’m home.” Boy, was I shocked! You know what that told me about him? That he cares about me and he doesn’t want me wondering.

I get stagnate in my friendships because I don’t get in return what I put in. It’s very difficult for me to do a work around. I can’t feel connected to a person if I don’t hear from them in some form. I lose touch. We lose touch. There are a few friends that everything is mutual. We have families, we have kids, so when we see each other we pick up where we left off.

I appreciate my friends when they text me, think of me. Who wouldn’t like that? I can’t seem to swallow the excuse of “I’m too busy.” Because I know the way girls do friendships is the same way we do breakups:  we just distance ourselves by not communicating or including you anymore. We become exclusive with one friend.

My hubby will tell you for the longest time I was in search for a best friend. Sounds pretty childish but one Christmas when my sister gave me a teddy bear that said “Best Friends” on it, I cried. It is still the best gift I’ve ever received.

Osh and I have real deep conversations sometimes. Yesterday during one of those type of conversations, I told my husband that one of the things I admire about him is the way he does friendships. Most guys in general, never care to title their friends as best friends, causal friends or whatever, they just meet up and have a good time. They’ll contact each other for info and everything is real mutual and no drama.

Osh, really is that friend. He treats everyone with the same amount of love and respect and shows no favoritism or partiality. He includes everyone and doesn’t make the rest feel like “you don’t belong.”

As I continue observing my hubby and other friendships, I like the idea of having a circle of friends to love, value and respect and people I can hang out and have fun with. If we are spending too much time with one friend it only means we are excluding everyone else.  How would you feel if you were the one in that circle of friends? It is good to have a few good, special friends but to take pride only in one is not cool at all especially if we’re publicly advertising it.

Really, the only best friend that I have that’s never left my side or forgotten about me is JESUS. I talk to him every day. He is there when I call him and never busy for me.

My other half is my special friend for life of course and everyone else who I hang out and reach out to are my good friends that I have made along the journey.

All relationships in order to be healthy and maintained require communication.

If you’re purposely avoiding talking to someone or you’re just not talking anymore, then really there is a breakup. It’s up to you to reconcile or move on.

Whatever you choose, will require communication. Even non communication is a form of communication.

Who are you communicating with?

If you have friends that you value that you haven’t been in touch with, then you should get in touch!

Let it start with you!

If you’re upset with your significant other, talk and get things right.

Silence can be deadly and sometimes it hurts more than words.



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