Facebook Bullies

What’s on your mind?

Do we really need to share what’s on our mind on Facebook?

If I did, I’d really lose peace of mind and maybe a few friends.

So I’m writing a blog about it instead. 🙂

It’s foolish to speak what’s on your mind without being considerate of others feelings. If you are speaking the truth, are you speaking it in love? We have taken this freedom of speech to a level that is of selfishness, full of sarcasm and of belittling of others.

There has been way too many conversations about the infamous Facebook. Way too many unnecessary status posts including the ones who post about other people’s’ status’ whining and complaining. Well, it’s time to set the record straight on Facebook bullies, because they do exist.

Nothing more gets on my nerves than people who talk negatively about other people’s’ business, life and preferences, especially when they don’t know their story. Shut it. Stop being an ass.

If they bother you that much, hide them from your news feeds, stop lurking on their page and/or unfriend them.

Facebook bullies are the ones that have nothing good to say and only comment and post something to make another person feel stupid, embarrassed, discouraged and unaccepted.

If you’re the victim and your friends are not doing these for you:

  • Making you better
  • cheering you up
  • Strengthening you
  • Encouraging you
  • Comforting you

Confront them or Cut your ties. You really don’t need them.

How many times have I had high school girls tell me about a passive aggressive post one of her class mate has made about her or how about a room-mate about another room-mate. It’s even happened to me. If I’ve ever been the bully, please forgive me. I know Ive complained about people not sharing enough. It’s really none of my business.  It’s not that funny.You should use a little more thought and creativity if you want to be funny.

So what if someone wants to share more than you?  So what if someone wants to share things that you don’t like sharing?  How does that make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way is the better question? Why does someone’s happy post make you annoyed? Are you jealous? do you wish that was about you?

I understand some posts are a little TMI like posting about pooping, peeing etc…but hey, I don’t post a status about how I dislike someone posting about that. Be a little careful with your words. You  never know how someones’ day is going and what their struggle is. Think before you speak.

I personally love updating my friends and family especially my family in Armenia and Iran about my life because I don’t see them here and they get so happy and excited to see our lives unfold and as we are thankful they share theirs with us.  I love reading stories and blogs here because they help me feel I’m not alone. I get encouraged reading love stories and lovey dovey posts. It makes my heart glad and happy when I see people being good to one another.

If you have a problem with this blog and are annoyed and frustrated , then you’re the bully.

Take it Easy,



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