Consider Your Life

She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

I’m an aggressive person and I can get excited about new ideas and would like to be involved in everything, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s isn’t wise or possible to do it all. We cannot do everything and do anything well. Quality is much better than quantity. Once a week, I try to “Consider my life” and the things I did during the week and the commitments I have and what I really need to be doing. It’s very difficult for me to say no to things and people because I don’t want to let anyone down. Even though that person will be totally understanding of my decision, I, myself will feel guilty at first and clearly that’s not healthy.

I love the book of Proverbs because it is full of instructions on right living. In verse 16, it begins with “she considers.” Every time, I’m tempted to jump into a new commitment, I need to stop myself and let the excitement die down a little so I can think and see clearly, then, I’ll consider it before making a decision.

I’m naturally a very emotional person, but throughout my life, I have learned that the decisions I have made on pure emotion, have not turned out the best. One of my daily goals is not to act emotionally without forethought.

Life would be so much better if we all took time to think about what we are about to do before doing it.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my sister and when I go, I like to only buy things that I can afford. I saw these pair of shoes that I fell in love with but when I looked at the price, I knew that is not something I can afford right now. As I was getting ready to put it back, my sister offered to pay for me now and I could pay her back later. I was tempted to take her offer because I really wanted the shoes! Deep inside, I knew that would not be wise, because even though I’m not using a credit card with interest, I’m not considering my budget, and I won’t be using self-control if I say yes. I did end up at the cash register with the shoes but at that point, I knew once I walk out of the store, I wasn’t going to be at peace within myself because I  knew I shouldn’t have done it and I wouldn’t really enjoy the shoes. Last minute, I told the lady, I’d come back for it some other time. I felt so good about myself, that I did it! I resisted buying a pair of shoes that I really liked. This might sound silly but it’s these kind of little things that make a big difference.

My example was only of a pair of shoes, but you’ll be surprised how many people are in debt today because they acted on emotional buying and spending.

Also, how many people do we know that make commitments without thinking and then they flake out? I personally don’t like to be a flake and I don’t appreciate those who are.

Emotions are fickle and every changing. So are moods. If we rely on them to be our judge, we will live a miserable lives. We should all remember to think before we act.


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