Bringing Sexy Back

Every little girl wants to be beautiful. But by the time they’re old enough to understand what it means to be beautiful and sexy, they are either taught that it’s bad or they take it to the next level and get sexual with it or compare themselves with the girls in magazines that have been air brushed.

We live in two extremes. One extreme is we are taught not to pay attention to our physical appearance and only concentrate on how smart and logical we can get and the other extreme is only concentrate on the outside appearance.

If we totally dismiss our appearance, we lose the fun in being a girl! Dressing up and being pretty. I love to dress up. Just this Saturday, we celebrated my cousins wedding. Not only was I excited and happy for their new journey together but I was also excited to be dressed up, having lashes on and full on makeup with a nice hair do. There is nothing wrong with that.

While it is true that there are girls who are skinny, beautiful and have the best clothes but as soon as you talk to them, all that outside beauty fades away and there are girls who are not as attractive but when you start a conversation with them they become so beautiful. Nonetheless, it is so foolish for people to dismiss a girl who cares about her appearance as shallow without even getting to know her first. Beautiful girls inside and out do exist.

Most beautiful women aren’t born with the genes. They are just beautiful girls from the inside out. They smile a lot, they are the ones who are kind, they know God loves them, their husbands love them and they aren’t afraid to be good to people. These girls just happen to also know how to dress to flatter their appearance and are comfortable in their own skin. They treat their bodies with respect and can distinguish between sexy vs sexual.

The bottom line is women want to be desired and men enjoy looking. So put on a sexy fashion show for the husband behind closed doors. What man would not appreciate that?  😉



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