Don’t hold the leash too tight or you’ll have a bitter and resisting DOGG.

There is a horrible stereotype that WOMEN NAG a lot and all the time. They complain for us GUYS to something and if we do it, it’s done wrong or NOT YOUR WAY. Aside from asking to do things it also applies to talking and sharing feelings and opening up.

If you have a guy who is the quiet timid type, he most likely won’t want to tell you what’s on his mind or won’t know how to open up and put it in words to tell you. Therefore you get the quiet dog with its tale in between its legs. A lot of guys are intimidated by “LET’S TALK” or “CAN WE TALK?” then you get the dog that loves to jump the fence and run from home.

Whichever dog/man you have the approach should always be the same. The cautious approach, with lot’s of slack on the leash and reward when there has been a job well done. Sometimes pulling them in closer to get your point across or CHOKING THE CHAIN is going to get an aggressive response, so let loose of that leash but keep them in the yard or have a longer leash but keep a hold of it, just like when training a puppy to the leash you don’t strangle them from the get go but it’s a gradual tightening of leash to bring them closer to you, but by the of things the puppy turns into a faithful MAN/dog that doesn’t want to be stay near their owner.

Guys sometimes feel like life’s pressures, being a man, head of the house, the bringer of the fruit is overbearing, and we blank out. This doesn’t actually just apply to Men but Women of course too. We blank out, we become exhausted and want a break. Break from life, family, and we lash out at our woman counterparts. We want to stop as many activities as possible as far as not wanting to go out with our own guy friends.

Let him mope, let him yell, let him run, but make sure he knows that your hand is out with a treat, but you only need to do this once. No NAGGING. Once you’ve given the message that you are there to support him, LET GO OF HIM. A dog that runs away will always go back to its owner. Your man will be let loose, the leash will loosen and then they’ll get curious, what just happened, what’s going on and we’ll starting sniffing to investigate. You hold food and sex, and we’ll sniff back home to figure out if it’s still there and if we can get some of both again. You’ll have a sorry dog, a more calm dog, and a thankful dog that you were there at the end of the leash.



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