Saturday Adventures

This last two weeks have gone so fast.I can’t remember my days, hence that’s why I blog and facebook. It keeps me in line. ha! Today was so much fun. I had originally planned to stay home with Emma and just clean around. I got a lot done. The pantry, refrigerator and everything is exactly the way I want it to be- in order! I can’t live in chaos and clutter. In order for me to have a clear head and function properly, I need my environment to be in order.

It was pretty hot and humid today and the AC at our place seemed like it didn’t want to work anymore after three hours. So when Emma woke from her afternoon nap, I decided to take her out on a stroll, walk to Red Top. On my way there, I wondered if my cousin Kristine was home so I gave her a call and she was!  I dropped by her place, then on my way back home stopped at Red Top for some groceries, where I ran into my friend’s hubby. Within an hour I saw about 6 people I hadn’t seen in awhile. I love where we live. Centrally located to everything and literally we can get anywhere by foot in 10 minutes.

I was so thrilled I could cook for my hubby today since he does it for us during the weekdays, I try to be sure to make something special on Saturdays. Love having family dinners with Emma sitting next to us in her high chair. I let her make all the mess she wants and then let her daddy give her a bath after.

Once she was all ready to go again, we went to run errands, shopping for some home stuff and get our buy one Starbucks get one free from Target. Yaya! Osh tried the Cookie Frap- it was really good. It’s kinda on the sweeter side like Java chip. I got my usual frap preference of Caramel Macciato.

I had a $4 coupon for adults shoes and to my luck there was this one pair of hot shoes that was originally 29.99 but since it was the last one it had dropped to 14.99 plus my $4 coupon, I got it for $10!!! That’s a Big Deal. I can’t wait to wear them to church tomorrow.

After our errands, we went to visit my parents. My dad hadn’t come home yet but when he did, he walked in with two bouquet of flowers. One was for me and the other for my mom for no reason at all.  He has changed so much in the last few years. I’m starting to really like my dad and I’m so proud of the man, husband, father and the grandpa he is becoming.

By the time we got home, Emma was so tired she knocked out in my arms on our way to her crib. She is so precious. I fall in love with her more each passing day.


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