Daddy: Daughter’s First Love

Since father’s day is coming up I thought I reflect on my dad and my relationship with him.

Growing up, my dad provided us with everything materialistic so I have not lacked one good thing. However as I was growing up, I felt like I didn’t really know my dad because the kind of love I wanted him to express, he didn’t, couldn’t and didn’t know how to. During my teenage and early 20’s, I felt resentful toward him because I thought he didn’t love me that’s why he was always working and not spending time with us as much as we would like.

This was until I learned about the different languages of love how each one of us likes to receive and give love in a different way and when we learn about each others love language that’s when we start enjoying the relationships in our lives.

I realized my dad’s love language was giving gifts and providing. It made him happy and glad that he could provide for his family. It wasn’t until recently that I had an adult conversation with him and made him give me real hug, and tell me that he loves me and he is proud of me. I never heard those from him growing up but I wanted him to.

I didn’t really see my dad being affectionate until Emma was born. My dad is a very serious man who smiles a little and that’s only when it’s super exciting and he bobs his head then it must be really good- other than that he is this dry sense of humor, sarcastic guy with a big, kind and generous heart. The hardest working man I know! So when Emma came along, my dad’s eyes lit up, his smile got bigger, he laughed more and showed love like never before. That’s when I realized and saw the way he must have loved me when I was born and my heart just melted.

Understanding their background and how they were raised made me understand my dad more and love him more and better.

Through the years, their has been many miscommunications, misunderstandings and disappointments but one thing I know is true- my dad loves me, he always has and always will and I love him so much! I’m also very proud of the man he is becoming, the husband he is to my mommy, the father in law he is to my hubby, the dad he is to me, my sister and brother and now the grandpa he is to Emma.

I love you dad,

Your oldest and greatest 🙂




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